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Wealth Management

Personalized wealth advice supported by predictive analytics to help you navigate markets and achieve your financial goals.


What Sets Us Apart

We believe that traditional financial advisory deserves a makeover. We aim to bring the best of human connection and technology together for you by integrating data and behavioral science into our practice to deliver better outcomes.

What We Do

Everything a financial advisor does... and more.

Our ultimate goal is help you realize the financial dreams you have always imagined.

Financial Planning

Our relationship starts with understanding your goals and objectives. Whether it is planning for daily expenses, or significant life events like selling a company, or inheriting wealth, we aim to be your partner at every step 


We are proponents of evidenced-based investing and rely on data to make decisions. We draw on public and private markets to generate diversified returns that reflect your values, while trying to minimize fund fees and taxes at every step


We are big believers in leveraging technology for better outcomes. From systematically monitoring markets, to managing risk and optimizing portfolios, we have developed innovative systems to create better experiences for our clients 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What prompted the creation of Illuminence Wealth? We built Illuminence Wealth as an attempt to modernize financial advisory practices, while retaining elements that people love. With recent advances in data and behavioral sciences, we believe the world is changing rapidly and there are many new tools at our disposal to use technology where it is best at, e.g., monitoring increasingly fast-moving markets, crunching mounds of data, managing risks, and, optimizing your portfolio. Most financial advisory firms have not yet caught up, nor do they have the capabilities to do so, which inevitably restricts their ability to service clients. We also try to incorporate insights related to behavioral sciences in our practice. Why? Because behavioral mistakes can be costly to clients. In recent decades, scientists have learned more about how psychology impacts investing and how rational people can make irrational choices. Some examples include, trading too frequently, being overly confident in one's own investment ideas, or overreacting to short-term news. As your partner, we try to help you identify and mitigate these issues where we can, since these biases can be pretty insidious.

2. Are you an automated investing platform aka robo-advisor? No, we are not. We conduct our business in the more traditional way, but you get to dictate your mode and frequency of interaction with us whether by phone or digitally. We also have a client portal whereby you are afforded some self-servicing capabilities. But unlike automated investing platforms, most of our solutions are custom tailored for you.

3. Do you have minimums? There are no minimums for any interaction with us. But the odds are that with investment amounts below $250,000, it is likely more cost effective for you to seek out a dedicated financial planner to set you on the right course with a one-time consultation. But every situation is different – so please reach out to us to discuss.

4. Are you a fiduciary? Yes, we are a fiduciary and are legally bound to act in your best interests. This means that we don’t sell or earn commissions on investment products or get paid by anyone else as it relates to managing your finances. We work for you and you alone.

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